Tata World - Tata First Dot National Competition

The TATA group's commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship and India's next generation of leaders is well known. 'TATA First Dot Powered by NEN' brings together this commitment and TATA's vast expertise across most industries, with NEN's leadership in entrepreneurship education and support for the youth leaders of the country.


Over the past three years, students across NEN member campuses and beyond have started companies without waiting until they graduate. They have struck out, learning, growing, and even making money! We know that entrepreneurship is not easy, and that often some expert advice, access to resources, and a great network will make the difference.

'TATA First Dot Powered by NEN' holds these young entrepreneurs up as role models, and creates opportunities to increase their knowledge, resources and networks to enable them to succeed in their entrepreneurial journey - either growing their student ventures, or by launching them into larger opportunities after graduation.

'TATA First Dot Powered by NEN' is India's first national mentoring and recognition platform for student startups. A unique initiative that promotes, mentors and showcases India's youngest and most dynamic entrepreneurs, TATA First Dot is run by the collaborative efforts of TATA group of companies and NEN Trust.